I am available for consultng & part-time contract work.

After being an owner and principal of an architectural firm for 11 years and, having around 33 years of experience, I retired on 31 December 2015. I live in Tyler Texas and am offering my services in consulting and part-time contract work to architects, engineers, construction colleagues and other professionals. I am free to do whatever I want and, if you think you would like some help, send me an email.

My experience ranges from being a firm principal, dealing with clients, creating and giving presentations, programming buildings, concept design, schematic design, sketch plans, construction document production, reviewing submittals, construction administration and post occupancy support.

 I was also the company photographer and graphic designer putting together brochures, display boards, advertisements and flyers, a presenter, guest lecturer at college and high school levels, CAD & computer system manager, provided hardware and software support, planned for and purchased hardware and software, managed the company network, website and social networking like Facebook.

I am able to help you in any of the areas noted above and am willing to give you advice and/or help as needed for a fee.

I am on Facebook too and you will find most of my updates and information there. Click on the icon at the right to take a look :

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If you would like to email me, please click on this link