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I live in Tyler Texas and am an architect, private pilot and avid photographer. My intention here is promote the art of photography, to show some of my favorite work and link you to my public Facebook site which is more interactive and updated regularly by me. I have been interested in photography since I was about nine years old and, as I have gotten older, have been able to buy better photographic equipment and improve my skills. I photograph a wide variety of subjects such as architecture, landscapes, plant studies, people, objects, sporting events and so on using lenses ranging from macro to fisheye to super-telephoto.

As of December 31, 2015 I retired as an owner from my comany and am now offering my photographic skills to architects, engineers, contractors and other colleagues in the construction industry. I will go to your construction sites to shoot projects for you and will shoot your projects upon completion as well. Far better than anything you can get by sending your staff out with a phone or a point and shoot camera.

I also specialize in landscapes, aircraft and portraits. If you want me to come to your house and take some family shots, I might be able to do that too. I do not however do weddings.

If you want to hire me, use the email link at the bottom of the page to reach me and I will send you my cell number.

There are some brief examples of my work and skills on this site so, and, if you would like to see more, please go to my Facebook albums using the link below:

I am also on:



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Take a look if you like.

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If you would like to email me, please click on this link

I have attended a few photographic workshops over the years and they have been helping in improving my skills. If you enjoy photography, you may find attending a workshop helpful too.